The video tutorials of baking and cake decorating tutorials available for you, will be a great benefit for you


You will improve your baking and cake decorating skills


Learn Jackies Ganaching techniques

Jackie has videos showing various techniques to coat cakes with chocolate ganache.

Choose which one would be the most suited, for you to use.

How to make and bake delicious vanilla cookies

Cookie baking tutorial, watch Jackies tutorial on how she creates a delicious cookie vanilla dough.

Learn how to roll to an even thickness and bake at the right temperature.

How to store and freezing cookie dough.

How to make delicious Chocolate Ganache

How to make chocolate ganache, nothing is left uncovered!

In this tutorial Jackie will show you how to make  delicious chocolate ganache.

The tutorial is very comprehensive.

Ingredients are discussed good chocolate compared to compound chocolate,


What equipment you will need?

How to make chocolate ganache,

How to make flavored chocolate ganache with colour,

How to store your chocolate ganache and how to freeze it. 

Contemporary Cakes on the great south East