Star Wars Party Themed Birthday Event

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Star Wars Cake Contemporary Cakes and Classes
Star Wars Cake Contemporary Cakes and Classes
Star Wars Cake Contemporary Cakes and Classes

Star Wars trilogy is our most loved family films.

We always use many phrases from the films in our conversations!

When our son was turning 21 we had to have a memorable surprise party-themed Star Wars.

With the great help of my good friend Margo and hot glue sticks, wool, felt and headbands the creativity began. We made Princess Leia head buns for the girls and Yoda ears for the boys.
I sewed and made 30 tunics and my hubby and I spent a week of nights making the light sabers.

Our son's cake was R2 D2 was a 4 layer cake and the top round layer was coffee and walnut.
I sewed and made the fabric backdrop for the lolly buffet backdrop. My husband made the wooden frame for the large picture of the Star Wars iconic cinema backdrop with our son's name personalised on it.

Creating lolly themed candies and cupcakes and storm trooper marshmallow heads.

Star Wars Cake Contemporary Cakes and Classes

However, I overstretched myself with the recreation of Hans Solo in carbonite ! I made lime jelly and poured it into a rectangle container and used a Hans Solo toy figurine to lay in the container and then encase him with jelly.
The figurine kept floating to the top! Not to be deterred and still with 2 days to go I filled the container half with jelly and let it sit and then placed the figurine on top of the set jelly. Then added the jelly, he did not float! So basically I used the force!

I ordered my hubby a t-shirt with a Darth Vader face and with the words Luke I am your Father. My son I got him a t-shirt with the words The Force is strong with this one.
I was going to find a t-shirt with Luke I am your Mother!
I made his and her toilet signs with pictures of Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker on the doors and to add some amusement, I added the words "Use The Force"
The evening was a great success and Hans Solo jelly encasement was eaten, but we do not know by whom?

A few years later, we then dusted the party props for my hubby surprise 50th birthday. Our brother and sister made a surprise visit from across the pond for his birthday and distracted Matt for the day, by being tourists in the city, as I prepared the venue.
My great neighbours helped me set up my hubby 50th party and helped decorate the room and I made him a stormtrooper cake.
We used the same venue Springwood Lions Club and it was a great evening both times!

You may be thinking that was a lot of effort to do, but we only have one wonderful amazing son who has inherited some of my amazing hubby genes too!
Life flows by so quickly, make it memorable.