Friday 8th April 2022 6.30 pm to 9.30 pm Want to have a food licensed home based cake business?



  Friday 8th April 2022 6.30 pm to 9.30 pm Setting up your home-based food licensed cake business. Do you want to have a food-licensed home base kitchen?

Are you a cake hobbyist at the moment and want to know how to take your hobby to a legal and licensed and insured cake operation? Then join me in my cake studio for a 3-hour in-depth workshop to get you licensed.

Registration and licensing requirements, the varying council requirements, and Environmental health and food licensing. Regardless if you are in Logan, Brisbane, or Perth the food licensing laws are all national, the various councils have different requirements. Public liability what do you really need. What are the costs involved, food safety supervisors certificate, and organized meetings with council planning and the EHO.

All of this is covered in a 3-hour workshop.

Refreshments are provided.

You will be shown around Jackie’s home kitchen and see what will be required for your food license.

A step by step guide of everything discussed will be available for you to take home.