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Contemporary Cake Designs -Book One  brings together a wealth of knowledge about recipes, baking and decorating with the aid of some amazing photos.

Contemporary Cakes Designs – Book One is not just another book about cake decorating, it is a book filled with wonderful; tips from Jackie on what to do and how to do it- including a step-by-step pictorial guide on some of the most intricate techniques in the business.

Contemporary Cake Designs Book One is value for money as it encapsulates 2 books in 1.

Jackies first book is available via the Contemporary Cakes online shop, so you can order a copy today and get baking.


The first half of the book is filled with delicious recipes and baking tips. Are you frustrated in your baking? if so Jackie will share her baking tips that she has used over the last 30 years in restaurants, hotels and now in her cake business. Tips on baking at the correct temperature, testing a baked cake and how to cool your baked cake.

You will learn how to make vanilla cupcakes and additional 14 other flavours. Jackie shows you how to achieve the flavours with a few additions to your recipe.

A delicious vanilla cookie recipe has also been shared in her book. With great tips and techniques on rolling out an exact even thickness and transferring to your baking trays.

The cookie are also baked on sticks so they can be arranged as a bouquet in display packaging.