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Home Based Food Licence and Running a Business Courses

Contemporary Cakes and Classes was the first to be Logans home-based food licensed for cakes over 10 years ago. I battled with Logan City Council to be allowed to have a baking business from my home kitchen, with no commercial modification.

I met with local council town planning and questioned all of their costs, material change of use for my home, yet it was not being demolished and rebuilt for townhouses? It cost several thousand but I was persistent as the council back then was in the dark ages for home businesses.

My home domestic kitchen is approved and now have a separate cake studio in my garden where I also teach.
I have proudly achieved a 5-star rating consecutively for the last 6 years since the rating was introduced.

Would you like some help to do the same? Is now the time you want to take a hobby to a home business?

If you want to make food from home to sell to others or even store food at home to sell to others, you are a food business and require registration under the Food Act 2006
A home-based food business must comply with the requirements of Australia and New Zealand Food Standards Code.

Hobby Or Business What is the difference?

If you bake a few cakes and sell them at a local market or on Facebook or make cakes that you sell to friends, you might think it can't possibly be taxable.
If you are marketing your hobby, have a Facebook page, taking referrals/ requests/ orders,
it is questionable if this is a hobby rather than a business?
Every year, the ATO pursues thousands of taxpayers who thought they had a hobby but it considered they had a business and taxed them accordingly.
So if you answer yes to any of these questions, your hobby might well have tipped over into being a small business:

Is your activity being undertaken for commercial reasons?
Do you undertake it to make a profit?
Do you regularly and repeatedly undertake your activity?
Is it planned, organised and carried out in a business-like manner?
The upside of being treated as a business, of course, is that as well as declaring your income you can also claim deductions for all your business-related costs. This includes food licensing registration and set up costs including business mentoring.

Is now the time you want to take a hobby to a home business?

3 Options to Choose From

Home base business class Contemporary Cakes and Classes

Option 1 Venue in our cake studio.

A 3 hour workshop at Contemporary Cakes and Classes Daisy Hill Logan Qld

Cost $450

Join Jackie in this 3-hour workshop, to assist you to have a food licensed home base kitchen.

Your application forms will be discussed and guidance on completing them, discuss floor and elevation plans, advice of what is required and also help you set up, what you will need when you get your first inspection for approval with the council.

I can assist you with a cleaning schedule and the other programmes you will need and give you the very best advice to achieve a 5-star rating, which I have achieved over the last 6 years since the star ratings were introduced.

Registration and licensing requirements, the varying council requirements and Environmental health and food licensing. Regardless if you are in Logan, Brisbane or in Perth the food licensing laws are all national, the various councils have different requirements.

Public liability what do you really need.
Recommended insurers.

What are the costs involved?

Food safety supervisors certificate and organised meetings with council planning and the EHO

All of this is covered in a 3-hour workshop.

Refreshments are provided.

A step by step guide of everything discussed will be available for you to take home.

Home base business class Contemporary Cakes and Classes

Setting up A Food Licensed Home Base Cake Business

Option 2 Venue Your home

Jackie will visit your home kitchen Cost $550
(Depending on the distance)

A 3 hour workshop in your home and kitchen.
The same 3 hour session as option 1 but in your home.

Home base business class Contemporary Cakes and Classes

Option 3 Setting up your Home Base Cake Business Online zoom meeting remote

Cost $550

You can also have a one on one Zoom session with Jackie.
A 3 hour workshop via Zoom covering all of the content from option 1
The session can be 2 x 1.5 hour sessions, should you want an evening session.
You will be emailed a downloadable set of pdf worksheets, before the Zoom session.

Home base business class Contemporary Cakes and Classes

Running a Home Base Business

A 3 hour workshop
Venue Contemporary Cakes and Classes Daisy Hill Logan
Cost $450
Also by Zoom $550

I also offer a second course on how to run a home-based business.
Running your own home-based cake business

In this workshop, we will discuss many topics including,
Cake pricing,
Deposits and balances,
Consultations and safety,
Terms and Conditions,
Payment Gateways,
Tax obligations.

What extras can give your cake business the edge from all of the others?

You will be given a folder containing valuable information, to help run your cake business.

Let Jackie share with you her 16 years of Australian life and starting a new business in a new country.

Ready to find out more?

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