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Advertising, whats working whats not?

Writing a business plan,

Setting up systems and procedures,

Create a better online presence?

Create a subscribing newsletter,

Tips with Facebook, Instagram, what works and others which are better

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The cost is $120 per session.

Website building

Do you need help with a website?

Easy to navigate?

Simple landing page, picture galleries, google analytic, subscribe page, links to all of your media accounts?

Starting from $3000

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I specialise in helping food-based businesses. As a qualified chef and pastry chef with a 30+ history of working in the food industry.

Working as a catering manager, creating systems, menu costings were a daily part of my work. Employing suitable staff, staff training is an essential part of getting it right in your business model.

Let me help you to work on your business not just in your business

To make it grow, strengthen and become more profitable.

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