Contemporary Cake Designs Book One Book Reviews

Contemporary Cake Designs Book One Book Reviews

Book Reviews

Having known Jackie for over 10 years, and working under her as an apprentice chef, she has taught me many things.

How to cook, how to better me, and some great life lessons.

But most recently, some great tips on how to make cakes! I frequently call her up to ask about tips and tricks when making cakes for family friends, and having the book has made it even easier for me to do this.

Just a flick of a page and BOOM, there are the tips I need, from getting that smooth ganache edge, to covering a board with fondant...

Highly recommended to any aspiring cake makers, Jackie has managed to put a lot of her well-earned knowledge into paper form!

Thank you, Teigan.




Cake decorating Covered!!

By Marie Rosewarne 

I am what you might call a cake decorating hobbyist having created many cakes for family and friends but had been looking for more tips and new ideas and tried and tested ways of decorating cakes.

I found this fantastic book. Upon receiving my copy of Contemporary Cake Designs: Book 1 (Volume 1), I turned each page with ever-increasing delight in reading well-written, easy-to-follow instructions, and tips which were supported perfectly with photos to top up my knowledge and interest in cake decorating.

I have learned new things about making cakes, covering cakes, and decorating cakes which will ensure better results in my next attempts. Jackie seems to have thought of every little detail to make the experience of decorating a cake so satisfying. She has even included tips for cake decorating in the Queensland climate which were so useful and welcome.

I can’t wait for Volume 2 (I hope there is going to be another book). I would happily and confidently recommend this book to anyone with an interest in creating cakes from the initial baking to a completed decorated masterpiece.




Fantastic Book

By service, Product super 

After receiving this book, I took my time and sat down and began reading this book, the photos and descriptions are amazing, but to be honest I wasn’t expecting anything else.

Not only is the Book fantastic but the lady also, I have also sat in one of her baking classes in Brisbane, so I know what I am talking about. This Lady is no amateur. I can’t wait for the next book.



Great for hobby decorators!

By Loves Caking on 

The best thing I loved about this book is that you can use the tools you already have to create amazing cakes. Great step-by-step photography guides make it easy to follow!

Congratulations Jackie on the launch of your first Contemporary Cake Design Book. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading it and looking at all your beautiful recipes and designs.

I have lost count already of how many times I have baked your DELICIOUS mud cake recipe. I absolutely love how each of your cake designs lists a step-by-step guide with pictures. They are so easy to understand and follow.

I feel like I’m in one of your classes with you right beside me guiding me all the way. My friends keep asking me which cake I’m going to make next. I am going to bake the handbag cake for my mother’s 60th birthday and I can’t wait to start baking.

Thank you for sharing your experiences and knowledge. This is by far the best cake book I have ever bought and read.

Looking forward to seeing more of your great designs on Facebook.

Thank you, Tabitha.



I brought Jackie’s book as a previous student of her classes. I was excited when I brought the book and as soon as I got home, I read it from cover to cover.

What I really enjoyed was the step by step pictures that guided me as I make a cake or decorate a cake by following her projects. The instructions are simple and easy to understand. Her tips, do’s, and don’ts are very useful especially living in a hot humid state like Queensland.

Even my friends’ saw the book and read through it absolutely love how easy the instructions were. We all thought, it was like having Jackie there personally in our kitchens baking with us!  Anna


I’ve been cake decorating for a while now and have found Jackie's book to be of great value. Nothing has been left out of this book, you’re getting it all.

As an experienced cake decorator she has gone to great detail to give her readers all the information they need. From the basics of covering cakes properly with ganche to her well known and trusted recipes.  She is sharing it all.

For those of us who have been cake making for a while, it’s great to see how other cake decorators go about their  work and the useful tips they have found to save time and we all know how important that is the cake industry.

I love Jackie’s book and would recommend it to any cake maker.