Home based Cake Business feed back



Diannas feedback


Thank you for attending the business workshop and I was wanting some feedback of your experience.

What were your reasons in attending the workshop?

I have been trying to decide what to do with my future. Despite having run a very successful business for 21 years and having the last five years off I was feeling a little lost. I needed to decide if my passion for cake making and decorating was going to be more than just  a hobby. I went along to your information session to work out what was involved to make my hobby a business benture.

Did you leave knowing you have been informed of the options that are available and different strategies in running your business?

I felt empowered and more knowledgeable after the session and most of my questions were answered.  The notes given were great as it is a lot to absorb in an evening and allows you to listen rather than half listen and write notes at the same time.

Was it relevant to you and your business?

It was very relevant and despite not wanting a home based business the discussions easily related to my ideas as well, being a commercial factory setup.

Did the folder and the printed information and templates help as we went through the various stages?

The folder was and is great for future reference.

Was the 3 hours too long?

We ended up being there for 4 hours and I could have stayed longer but I had an hour-long drive so the timing was perfect. We were spoilt, as there was only one other participant so we had a one on one session.

Did I overload you with too much information in the one session?

I didn't feel overloaded. I felt saturated with information that I was able to process for days after.

Would you recommend this workshop to any other cake decorators and why?

I would definitely recommend this to anyone thinking about going into this type of business.  I am booked in to the cake decorating class next week as I found Jackie to be very professional and passionate. She also has the most amazing setup that makes you want to bake and decorate.