2020 for Contemporary Cakes and Classes

Jackie Thompson

2020 What a year !

This year was certainly not a year we were all expecting.
Last year I put my hand up to run for my local council as a councilor.
Having been involved with our local Logan Chambers as a committee member for several years. I have attended council meetings frequently, to discuss the council's business charges and the slow progress they make.
I wanted to stand up for change in how our local councilors operate, waste money in some areas, and neglect other areas. With a lack of interaction with their local businesses and community. Yet they are paid a huge wage can also work full time elsewhere? And have a huge discretionary budget now of 1 million over 4 years?
However, having less than 2k votes, this time was not the time for a change. I also spent 4k on my campaign and my opponent spent 30k + say no more...

The COVID19 has affected many lives and my industry and in particular, the wedding and tourism have been hard hit.
Like most small businesses we have had to adapt and adopt new ways to maintain our businesses and as a book author and website builder, I have turned my skills to those.
My motto is to adapt, thrive to survive!

Jackie Thompson Contemporary Cakes and Classes